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This camp is designed to develop ninth through twelfth-grade students' confidence and love of film. Enroll today! 

Welcome to the Tree of All Seasons Summer Film Camp, a two-week-long comprehensive, interactive, and in-depth experience in film. Students currently enrolled in grades 9-12 will gain practical experience in screenwriting, acting for the camera, cinematography, music composition, sound recording, and digital editing by participating in the filming and production of several short films. These films will be presented to the public at a special screening in early Fall.


Executive Producers: Chad Weddle, Alec Bowling, Charlotte Kaeppner, and Katie Hehn

Associate Producers: Jordan Slemons, Grace Adams, Devin Lands, and Nick Lamkin

Directors: Joey Loebker, Mason Weber, Claudia Wright, Em Ivanov, and Andrew Kaeppner

The camp will be structured into units of 20 students. Each unit will be engaging in the creation of two short narrative films and one commercial. Each participating student will be cast in one of the films in a principal or supporting role and placed on a technical crew for another film.

Camp Details


Dates: June 10th–22nd


SCREEN TEST: May 23rd from 6-9 pm at Parkside Church. Students will read scenes in front of the camera to help the Directors cast their films. Audition materials (sides) will be emailed to students prior to this date.

CAMP: Monday through Saturday, June 10th – June 22nd

Week One: Pre-Production Week, including table work, rehearsal, training on all equipment, production meetings, scheduling, etc. Camp runs from 6-9 pm this week. 

Week Two: Shooting Week, filming generally will begin at 8 am and ends between 5 and 7 pm each day. This includes all film shoots as needed by each particular film project. Saturday night, campers. have the option to stay late for a pool party. 


The Screen Test and Pre-Production will take place at Parkside Church or Beech Acres Park. 

The location and timing of each event during Shooting Week will depend on many variables, so please do your best to clear your schedule of all conflicts for this week and be prepared to travel to locations in the greater Cincinnati area.


$350 per student. This includes food on shoot days and a Camp T-Shirt.

To Register:

Fill out the attached forms, add a headshot, resumé, and a check (made out to TOAST), and mail them to:


FAD/TOAST Summer Film Camp, c/o Chad Weddle

8053 Asbury Hills Drive Cincinnati, OH 45255


New!! Register online today! 



March 1st, 2024.

Tech Crew Preferences:

All students will be placed on a technical crew. Indicate your top three choices here:

❑  Unit Production Manager (in charge of communication and organization)

❑  Assistant Director (assists Directors, designers, and crew as needed)

❑  Camera Operators (runs the camera during filming)

❑  Wardrobe (designs and acquires costumes)

❑  Hair & Make-Up Designer (designs & applies hair/make-up)

❑  Props Designer (acquires/prepares all props)

❑  Key Grip (sets up scenes/locations for filming)

❑  Gaffer (in charge of lighting during filming)

❑  Sound Designers (records/creates all sound for the film)

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