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tree of all seasons theatre


The best film education program in Cincinnati, Ohio

By being a part of Tree of All Seasons Theatre Film camps, students will be involved in a project from auditions to post-production. We are dedicated to providing young artists with the opportunity to learn and create through experience. TOAST offers two summer film experiences: Young Filmmakers Camp for grades six through eight and Summer Film Camp for grades nine through twelve. Check out our most recent films, Making of Film Camp videos, and promos for next year's camp!
Making of Film Camp - 2019
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"Thank you so much for two years of great film camp. I personally learned a lot thanks to all the hands-on experience. This past weekend I made my own first film in the 48 film project. I want you to know that film camp gave me the confidence to complete this project."

- Paul Maxwell, 2016-2017 Film Camper 

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